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BRATTLEBORO — Burton Touch Free Car Wash on Putney Road is in the midst of the biggest renovation project in its history.

In the 16 years since its opening in March of 2005, the car wash has undergone several upgrades including the addition, in 2013, of a Fast-Pass type system for tag recognition and unlimited washing, a hot wax option in 2018, and numerous machinery retrofits over the years as well as several credit card software updates which may have gone unnoticed by customers. But Burtons says it has never before embarked on any project of this magnitude.

“This is not just a facelift or an upgrade, but a total re-do,” the company wrote in a news release. “Each one of the three pressure automatic bays is being completely stripped down (out) to the bare cement walls.

“Our old, yet faithful, PDQ pressure automatic units are being replaced with Washworld Razor units, which employ cutting edge technology that will enable us to stay with the times and respond to customer demand for the next twenty years,” Burton continued. “One of the most exciting advances made possible by this renovation is the ability to apply ceramic through the wash process. Ceramic is the newest innovation in the line of vehicle finish protection; ceramic actually bonds with the paint and is much more durable than wax. The hard shell created by the liquid ceramic makes it more difficult for contaminants to adhere to the paint surface and therefore easier to wash off.”

The new machines initiate the wash process from the front, rather than from the rear of the vehicle. The new machines also feature an undercarriage arch with 5 rather than 3 nozzles and a different style sideblaster – one that is taller and therefore more effective in blasting mud out of the wheel wells.

Burton says this current renovation project is the first and most comprehensive of several planned upgrades. Within the next couple years the company plans to install new pay stations that will offer a la carte options to any wash package. Also planned are improvements to the self-service vacuums, including credit card acceptance.