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BRATTLEBORO — There will be a bit of disruption at the Brattleboro Food Co-op starting on Saturday night stretching over several days as the parking lot is removed and replaced.

According to Daniel Riddlehoover, facilities manager, a contractor is coming in to take up the large pavers that make the surface of parking lot and excavate out the materials underneath.

Riddlehoover said the Co-op received a permit from the town to do night work, but he hopes the contractor will only need it for Saturday night, and only until 10 p.m.

On Sunday, the rebuild of the parking lot will begin, with layers of crushed stone and fabric laid in as a base. When that's done, pavers will be placed over the base. Riddlehoover said the entire job could take five or six days.

Riddlehoover said the replacement of the system became apparent when pavers, which were installed in 2011, began to shift, some leaving holes.

"When we dug in we learned the pavers were not installed correctly," he said, instead of crushed stone, gravel and sand were used as a base, which compacted under the weight of thousands of vehicles over the year.

The replacement system will address storm water runoff issues that have accumulated as the old base compacted and allowed more water to flow into the Whetstone Brook.

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