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Glass, stones, and wood are left throughout the playground at Academy School on Thursday, July 22, 2021, after the creek overflowed and debris was caught in the filter from the storms over the weekend.

BRATTLEBORO — When a nearby stream flooded its banks over the weekend it left glass, stones and wood scattered throughout the Academy School playground, making it unsafe for people to play. Principal Kelly Dias said they were alerted to the flooding at the playground on Saturday night and into Sunday.

Dias and Mike Bucossi, facility manager for the school, came down to look at the damage on Sunday afternoon. Dias said the flooding occurred when the creek overflowed because the grate became full with debris from the creek bed, which then spilled into the bicycle pump track and playground.

The water left large holes in the playground and washed away the wood chips before doing damage to the fence.

A crew has removed some of the debris around the grate but more work will be needed to return the creek bed to its original depth. They will also be bringing in equipment to remove the wood and stones that were left behind.

Then they will assemble a team of people to comb through the grass to remove the glass and pottery that was left behind before children can be allowed to play on the playground.