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BENNINGTON — Gas prices are at a record high and Vermonters are feeling the pain at the pump.

As of Thursday, the U.S. and Vermont are at their highest recorded average price of gas per gallon, according to The U.S. average is $4.41 for regular gas and the state is a bit higher at $4.47.

Diesel users across the country have also seen an increase, paying an average of $5.55 in the U.S., but Vermonters saw a large spike and are expected to pay an average of $6.34 per gallon.

“I run a business,” said Justin Parmenter, who was filling up Thursday at the Bennington Stewarts on Main Street. “So, it’s tough to … translate that into my prices and try to still be fair.”

When asked if his clients noticed a difference in price he said, “I think not quite yet, but they will.”

Some people in Bennington aren’t as concerned with the price hike.

“It’s really not [affecting me],” Don Chaput said. “I spend 20 bucks a week, maybe, going from Bennington to Green Island.”

Both men agreed. “It is what it is.”

As of Thursday, according to the price-tracking website, the Irving and Mobile gas stations in Bennington had the most affordable regular gas at $4.39 a gallon.

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Don’t cross the New York border if you’re looking for cheaper gas. The two gas stations in Hoosick Falls — Cumberland Farms and Stewarts — are charging $4.55 and $4.61 a gallon, respectively.

Achille Agway in Brattleboro has the lowest gas prices in the state at $3.85, and Mobil in Bradford has the cheapest diesel at $5.29. Prices ranged from $4.27 to $4.29 at several stations on Canal Street in Brattleboro Thursday afternoon.

Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, in a statement published on May 9 said, “These prices are creeping closer to those record high levels of early March.”

The prices seen on May 12 are even higher than the gas price spike in March, when the highest average price in the state and the U.S. was $4.32.

How to save on gas recently shared the best ways to save money on gas. Some of the website’s advice is to plan your route and shop around for the best prices.

It also suggests to stay at 50 mph on the road, or even take the scenic route instead of the interstate. It said for every five miles over 50 mph, a car wastes 22 cents of gas.

The website states that “aggressive braking, speeding and frequent acceleration can cost you at the pump.” Use air conditioning as little as possible and stay on top of car maintenance to keep the vehicle in high performance condition.