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To help voters prepare for the state and national election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 6, the Brattleboro Reformer asked all candidates running in contested races in Windham County to submit a profile outlining their experience and their position on the issues.

- Please describe your background, your qualifications for office, and why you are running for office.

- What are the 3 most pressing items on your agenda and how would you address them if elected?

Candidates running for governor are: Trevor Barlow, Independent from Cavendish; Cris Ericson, Independent from Chester; Christine Hallquist, Democrat from Hyde Park; Charles Laramie, Independent from Fair Haven; Stephen Marx, Earth Rights, from Strafford; Emily Peyton, Liberty Union from Putney; and Phil Scott, Republican from Berlin.

Responses from Scott, Hallquist, Barlow, Ericson and Marx ran in the weekend edition of the Reformer. Here is Emily Peyton's response.

I am Liberty Union Candidate Em Peyton; surely no one wants to vote for a preselected loser! Most everyone helps a candidate on the ballot because they believe our voices should be heard, but many do not realize that we are barred from fairly competing in debates, on threat of arrest. It's a constitutional issue (Article 1 section 6-8) when a subset of people control the outcome of elections, and that is exactly what is happening in Vermont. VPR, WCAX, Digger, PBS, and MyNBC hold debates with two candidates that they have preselected as designated winners and bar alternatives from fair and open competition.

Whether its the tax and spend model of governmental oversight of the economy, which falls terribly short of governments' potential to alleviate poverty without taxation or greater debt, or continued support of profit industries that thrive on the impoverishment of our peoples, such as private prisons, and for profit pharmaceuticals, or those industries that make money on addiction, it is important that you have a governor that has a working knowledge of the intersection of economic, monetary, sustainable, restorative, liberating, and healthful policies. Until the public is able to see such a candidate compete in debates, they cannot know by the contrast what their true choices are.

This cycle I am not the only preselected-to-lose candidate that offers solid alternative leadership who could serve to uplift the honor of our state. Our country is in deep trouble because of the lockstep relationship between the deep state the two parties and the press. I am asking for your vote, even though I know the press has designated me to lose, why? Because I am going to persist. I am going to work through the next two years to create public pressure on these debate hosts to creatively include all the candidates you put on the ballot because its not their right to alter the outcome of elections. The Vermont voters are the ones who have the job of choosing their leaders, not the press.

The Liberty Union Party is in the midst of redefinition, in short it stands for greater personal liberty towards a better experience of our Union. Since socialism means so many different things to many people, with Nazis co-opting the label, I am pushing that we make a stand- alone term of Liberty Unionism for our party, which will describe a method of democratizing money such that taxation is not the way forward, nor is debt, of course.

I will be organizing with the help of my colleagues, Future Visioning meetings around the State, so that we may be able to bring forth the future we know in our hearts is possible, and awaken the bold confidence that indeed, yes, there is a way to become honorable as a people once more. My leadership offers you that backbone, the backbone I have not found in status quo parties. You have called for money out of politics, I give that to you, even more, I give you the path to alleviate scarcity of digital money amongst those who need it the most.

Please refer to my website for the white papers that are going up as I write, and for more directions to a nurturing economy, to civility and well-being that has been lacking in Vermont for too long.

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