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HINSDALE, N.H. — A concern about a student at the Hinsdale schools resulted in an email to parents in the district on Friday.

“We wanted to let the greater Hinsdale school community know that we were addressing a concerning and out-of-the ordinary issue, that the police are investigating,” said Superintendent Kim Caron, who said there is no immediate or ongoing threat to the student body.

In the email, Caron wrote that the students and staff are going about their day as normal, completing exams and attending an assembly with Hinsdale native Joey Hood, now the Ambassador to Tunisia.

“Elementary students are happily going about their daily routine,” he wrote. “All is well in Hinsdale.”

Caron acknowledged to the Reformer the email was also a way to get out ahead of rumors.

“I was acting out of an abundance of caution in the effort to be as transparent as possible while protecting the confidentiality of those involved.”

In the email, Caron noted “The administration acted swiftly, police were immediately contacted and are investigating the matter. The police are on top of the issue.”

Caron said because the matter involves a student, it is confidential and he can’t share any details.

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“Please know that administration is being as transparent as possible and making you aware through this communication just in case you hear something in the community,” he said.

Caron said he is inviting parents to schedule an appointment with him if they would like to talk about the safety of their kids.

“It is important for the school and the greater community to trust that our collective efforts to provide a safe and productive learning environment are solidly anchored in the law, best practices, and in the best interest of young people,” he said.

Caron said as a superintendent of only one month in Hinsdale, he is spending a significant amount of time out and about in the school buildings and attending events such as basketball games, faculty/staff meetings, and otherwise making the superintendent role more visible and engaged in the day-to-day activities of the district.

“In addition, I have made a point to be visible during times such as bus arrival, in the hallways, and at events to greet and interact with students and staff,” he said.

The administration is working hard to ensure a safe, responsive, and productive environment for all, he said.

“Importantly, the overall student body seems friendly, kind, and respectful,” he said.

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