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Billie Jean Clay, of 6186 Popple Dungeon Road, in North Windham, Vt., looks through the remains of her residence on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022, after a two-alarm fire ripped through the trailer on Saturday morning.

NORTH WINDHAM — Four people are homeless after a two-alarm fire ripped through a trailer they were living in on Saturday morning, the second time a blaze has taken a home on the property.

While sifting through the remains of their physical possessions, Billie Jean Clay, a resident of 6186 Popple Dungeon Road, talked about how she raised her family at this spot for 21 years.

Clay said she bought the property with her then husband nearly 21 years ago, after a fire destroyed the home that was previously on the lot. The young couple bought a trailer and made the land their own.

Stepping through the charred remains of the trailer, Clay said the family dog, Kash, a white pit bull, alerted the family to a problem in the house. The fire was quickly put out in the early morning, but later in the day the issue rekindled into a two-alarm fire that destroyed the residence.

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Clay said the fire investigator at the scene told her that it was probably electrical, that it was probably something smoldering under the floor, and nobody knew about it.

She is grateful that everyone made it out alive, saying that is what really matters to her.

A lack of homeowner’s insurance has made things difficult, she said. The residents of the building are staying with family members, and a GoFundMe page has been step up to help the family get back on their feet. Clay talked about the overwhelming support that she has gotten from the community.

There are plans to help clean up the site, and she is hoping that the money from the donations could help the family find a used trailer to put back on the land so she can give her daughter and granddaughter a home to live in.

“The prices of rent and everything now, and trying to find a place for my daughter and granddaughter, it would be a lot easier to put another home here,” said Clay.

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