Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, D-Windham 2-1, campaigns outside the Brattleboro polling site at the American Legion on Tuesday.

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BRATTLEBORO — Emilie Kornheiser will be heading back to the Legislature with an eye toward making Vermont a more equitable place.

“Honored to have the opportunity to keep working with this community, so we can someday say that government is truly for us, and by us,” the Democratic state representative said following Tuesday’s election. “Brattleboro saw record voter turnout for this crucial election. This is in part due to our passion and our fear — we have a renewed understanding of how much our vote and our voice matter. But it is also because of the incredible degree of access we bring to our elections here in Vermont.”

Kornheiser served for one biennium, representing the Windham-2-1 district in Brattleboro. She garnered 1,708 votes to Rick Morton‘s 560, according to unofficial results released by Town Clerk Hilary Francis on Tuesday night.

Morton serves as chairman of the Windham County Republican Committee and Brattleboro Republican Committee. He ran unsuccessfully for state treasurer in 2018.

Kornheiser said she appreciates her opponent for “stepping up and providing voters with a voice and an opportunity for us to highlight the issues that matter to our little corner of the world.”

“Thank you to the people checking in our ballots as town clerks, those running for office and working on campaigns, everyone caring for loved ones these days, and people working to pay their rent through these hard times,” she said. “Let’s remember it’s not just about the few names on the ballot, it’s about all of us.”

In a letter to constituents before the election, Kornheiser described fighting for “data driven, accountable decision making.”

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“I’ve illuminated the disparities in our system and sought to remedy them,” she wrote. “I’ve worked for an economy that meets the needs of the people living and working within it — higher wages, workers’ rights, and social infrastructure such as child care and paid leave.”

Kornheiser is assigned to the Ways and Means Committee, where she plans to advocate for a progressive tax system. She said her hope is to ensure the unemployment insurance system and other benefit systems are meeting the needs of Vermonters.

Rep. Mollie Burke, P/D-Windham-2-2, and Rep. Tristan Toleno, D-Windham-3, who both represent Brattleboro, ran unopposed.

For the governor’s race, Brattleboro gave 3,262 votes to Progressive Democrat David Zuckerman and 2,955 to the incumbent Republican Phil Scott. For lieutenant governor, Democrat Molly Gray received 4,558 votes in town versus 1,426 for Republican Scott Milne.

Incumbent Windham County senators Becca Balint and Jeanette White respectively garnered 4,889 and 4,191 votes in Brattleboro compared to 290 for independent Tyler Colford, 829 for Republican John Lyddy and 742 for Republican Marcus R. Parish.

For the presidential race, Democrat Joe Biden received 5,423 votes in Brattleboro and Donald Trump had 1,052. Ten voters opted for rapper Kanye West.