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BRATTLEBORO — A 21-year-old Brattleboro man is facing a litany of charges after he admitted to firing a handgun out of his car window “as a stress relief measure” near the intersection of Union and Elliot streets on Thursday afternoon.

According to court documents, the incident began near a local restaurant when Dakota Greene had a verbal altercation with a teenager that escalated, with him pushing a handgun into the teen’s belly and telling the victim to go home with him.

The teen attempted to leave in another car with a friend, but Greene crashed his vehicle into them, states an affidavit filed in Windham Superior Court, Criminal Division.

They were able to leave the area and escape.

Later, at just before 5 p.m., Officer Ryder Carbone, responding to multiple reports of shots fired, was picking up shell casings at Union and Elliot streets when dispatch notified him of a reported assault on Birge Street.

Upon arrival, Carbone was told that Greene showed up there and got into an altercation with the victim and another friend.

The altercation was recorded on a cellphone, wrote Carbone in the affidavit.

“[The victim] can be heard yelling something to the effect of ‘You’re going to point your gun at me?’” he wrote.

At one point, Greene can be seen swinging his right arm in the direction of the victim and a friend, with a struggle ensuing on the ground, stated Carbone.

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“As Greene and [the victim] get back to their feet, Greene can be seen striking [the victim] near [the] head with his right fist,” wrote Carbone.

Greene fled the scene in his vehicle and was stopped at about 6:30 p.m. by members of the Brattleboro Police Department on Interstate 91.

After being read his Miranda rights, Greene told Carbone that once he left Birge Street, he drove to Elliot and Union streets, where he then fired his weapon.

“Greene stated that, while in operation of his vehicle, he stuck his weapon out the window of his vehicle and fired somewhere between 5-10 rounds directly into the air,” wrote Carbone. “Greene stated that he was not attempting to harm anyone, but rather was upset about the incident ... and was firing his weapon as a stress relief measure.”

During a search of the vehicle, Carbone turned up a 9 mm handgun.

Greene has been charged with 10 counts, including first degree aggravated domestic assault, domestic assault, two counts of recklessly endangering another person, gross negligent operation of a vehicle and driving under the influence of alcohol.

During his interview at BPD, Greene admitted to consuming alcohol but stated he was the one who had been attacked and never pulled out his weapon at the restaurant. He also acknowledged an altercation ensued on Birge Street.

Greene appeared in court on Friday afternoon, where he was ordered held without bail.

This article has been updated to correct and conceal the identity of the victim.

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