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Nothing says new era and direction like a new office space. Hence the next chapter in the history of the Brattleboro Reformer at its new location, 70 Landmark Hill Drive.

In the past century or so the Reformer has had its home in many locations. In recent times it was on Main Street Brattleboro in the ‘American Building’ in the early 1900s during the heart of print newspaper heyday. Its next move in the early 1980s was to Black Mountain Road. About five years ago the Reformer sold the building to the town, which converted it to the police department, and the Reformer leased back some of its office space.

While moving is never easy -- just ask the movers and staff members -- it does allow for a good purge and cleaning, which in turn lends itself to a new start. Our goal is to be an unbiased and trusted source of local news that matters to our readers. It's pretty simple, right? An engaged and knowledgeable community is the core of any city or town. Our job as a local media outlet is to be a mouthpiece for the community and its citizens, reporting on news and items of importance. Without a strong and vibrant media outlet, that just wouldn’t happen. I know people may have mixed opinions about the Reformer from past years and prior experiences. I too can appreciate this and understand past notions and perceptions. But I ask of you to keep reading, because as always in life, the proof is in the pudding and we intend to show our value to the community with actions, and sometimes words too, of course.

We are working on many new features and readership enhancements. Keep reading, we are confident you will enjoy our improvements. And know that we value our readers and advertisers, and look forward to hearing from you.