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BELLOWS FALLS — Jeanette Staley, the owner of Flying Canvas Studio, works on a new collection of paintings down in her basement studio. Her Bellows Falls home comes to life with her artwork taking different shapes and forms.

Staley mixes collages into her paintings to help add to the narrative she is trying to tell. She said she has been painting for around 55 years and draws her inspiration from the collective world around her.

“I found that painting was something that I like to do, it was a way of processing the world around me and being in conversations with others about the world around me,” Staley said.

In Staley’s new body of work, she is rewriting Greek mythology in her paintings to tell the stories from the woman’s point of view and their relationships with others at that time.

“I am interested in thinking about, in Greek mythology, if these stories that are informative about a society could be rewritten,” Staley said. “Rather than Athena getting angry at Medusa, what if they worked together against Poseidon to hold him responsible for his behavior.”

The painting is just the first step of the storytelling for Staley; she is going to take the paintings and turn them into different designs and clothing that will tell the larger story.

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