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As part of Vermont Plow Day, Nathaniel Brunk, with Vermont Agency of Transportation, meets up with a group of third graders at Vernon Elementary School as they named one of the plows “Big Daddy” as part of the Name a Plow program on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2022.

BRATTLEBORO — For a second year, students had a chance to name snowplows operated by the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

Community Schoolhouse, one of the lucky winners of the contest, proposed “Say It Ain’t Snow.” J.T. Tabolt, a driver/laborer with VTrans, brought the truck adorning a placard with the name of the Brattleboro school.

“If you’re on the highway from Exit 3 going north quite a few miles, you might see this guy plowing,” said Barb Barrett, principal of the day school at Community Schoolhouse.

Tabolt started working for VTrans about a year ago after 14 years with the town of Rockingham. He said he has seen quite a bit of bad weather while plowing.

Asked about the buttons inside of the truck, Tabolt told students, “A lot goes on in there.” He said the truck can get about 5 miles to the gallon, depending on the type of work being performed, and the gas tank holds 80 gallons. That prompted math questions for the students before a photo op.

Darryl, 9, was the first student at Community Schoolhouse to get inside the truck and look around.

“The truck is huge and there are so many buttons,” he said.

Darryl enjoys snow.

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“It’s really awesome,” he said.

On Tuesday, plow drivers from VTrans visited schools throughout the state, showing off their newly named plow trucks

“Following the great success of last year’s ‘Name A Plow’ program, more than 70 new schools participated this year to give new monikers to our remaining nameless plows,” VTrans said via Facebook.

Bryson Letourneau, a third-grader at Vernon Elementary, said it feels good to have named a truck “Big Daddy.” Classmates credited him with saying funny things during class.

Nathaniel Brunk, who’s starting his third year with VTrans, said he laughed about the name.

“When I was a little kid, if you got to see a big truck, it was pretty exciting and neat,” he said. “It’s fun to climb in, look at the plow, look at the arms go up and down. And hopefully, you know, you get kids who are interested to see this truck at a young age, maybe they’ll think, ‘Oh, I want to drive a truck when I get older.’”

Kurn Hattin Homes for Children named a plow “Catch My Drift.”

“The students and staff enjoyed having their photo taken with their named plow truck, and the younger students being allowed to get inside and sound the horn,” states a news release from the school. “All the students were given a ‘Catch My Drift’ sticker too! What fun, and way to go Kurn Hattin Homes!”

Other new names from this year included Shovel Buster 5,000 from Green Street School in Brattleboro, Snowbody’s Business from Leland & Gray Union Middle and High School in Townshend, Emmy Lou from Timson Hill Preschool in Newfane, Big Maple from Twin Valley Elementary in Wilmington, and Snow Flower from The Grammar School in Putney.