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The Brattleboro Reformer introduced four new daily cartoons with Monday's edition.

"Nancy," the comic strip that has roots going back more than 85 years, made a comeback in 2018. That's when, for the first time, a woman took it over. Olivia James, a pseudonym, has given "Nancy" a new lease on life and has brought the iconic character into the 21st century. As a result, many publications ranked the rebooted "Nancy" as one of 2018's top cartoons.

" Macanudo, " which in Argentina means "cool ," is a comic strip by the artist named Liniers . Liniers also writes graphic novels for younger readers, and "Macanudo" has been one of the most popular comic strips in South America since it debuted in 2002. In 2014, "Macanudo" made its debut in the United States with an English-language version. A native of Argentina, Liniers now lives in Vermont .

"Daddy Daze" is a heartfelt and humorous cartoon about a dad (Paul) and his son (Angus). Its creator, John Kovaleski, has a knack for taking real-life experiences of parenthood and putting them together for a good laugh. Angus doesn't say much more than "BA," but he doesn't need to say much else because the situations speak for themselves.

"Loose Parts," by Dave Blazek, is a clever one-panel cartoon. Each cartoon is a random, but quite funny observational moment. Blazek is also a former stand-up comedian.

To make way for these new comic strips in our Monday through Saturday pages, we'll be retiring "Blondie," "Doonesbury" (which has been in repeats), "Ernest and Frank" and "Flying McCoys."

In the Weekend Puzzles and Games' comics pages, we'll be retiring "Luann," "Non Sequitur," "Hi & Lois" and "Rose Is Rose" to make way for the weekend versions of "Nancy," "Daddy Daze," "Loose Nuts" and "Macanudo . " These will start running in the Weekend Puzzles and Games section of March 9-10. The Sunday "Blondie" will remain, as will the Sunday "Doonesbury," which is not in reruns.

We hope you enjoy the new cartoons.