Lynn Kuralt

Lynn Kuralt

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Candidates in the Nov. 8 election were sent the following questions:

• What are your concrete plans for addressing the growing opioid epidemic and its related rise in the crime rate?

• How would you tackle the existing housing crisis and workforce shortage, and what do you see as the keys to flourishing economic development?

• Pick one other issue that is important to you and explain how would you address it.

Candidates for State Representative for Windham-4 (Putney and Dummerston) are Lynn Kuralt of Dummerson, Republican, and Mike Mrowicki of Putney, Democrat. Mrowicki’s response was published in the Oct. 25 issue. Kuralt’s response is below.

Lynn KuraltAs a first-time candidate, I hesitated to respond to the Reformer’s request to answer questions about issues where my knowledge is limited. However, I do have many thoughts and opinions concerning these issues, therefore will respond from what I believe to be everyday actionable common sense. To seasoned politicians whose opinions have developed with years of inside Vermont Statehouse information and party politics, my ideas may seem too uncomplicated but, I am passionate about all of them and believe my thoughts will resonate with many Vermonters.

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Personally, I have lost a family member and a close friend to drug overdoses, and a former employee is now in jail because of drugs. We’re a small state and not many of us have been untouched by these life altering substances. We have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on this issue, yet only to rescue a very few from its clutches. Common sense tells me, we need to start at square one, because whatever we’re doing is not working and it keeps getting worse! We need to know the “why,” before we can tackle the “how.” I will work for Vermont to succeed in our war against drugs, and to be an example for other states. Not only saving lives but also helping them find new meaning to life.

Common sense tells me, if “big government” keeps trying to solve the housing crisis, government regulations will continue to grow and eventually our land will be confiscated (for the greater good) and we will be primarily living in “clustered developments.” Will this really “save the planet”? (See H.606, S.226, S.234, S.210, S.79, H.157, H.926, H.437). For now, while we are trying to solve a critical problem like housing, it does not make any sense to open our doors to more people. I do not believe this is what Vermonters really want. We need to meet first the housing needs of our own citizens! I want to hear these concerns from them!

I believe in free market capitalism! Our economy will grow, if our government does its job of providing infrastructure and safety for our beautiful state. They can do this while keeping regulations to a minimum, so that small Vermont businesses can thrive, farmers can farm again and Vermont can be Vermont again! We need to lay a new, stronger foundation to build on for our state economy, otherwise our hopes and dreams will fail and we’ll lose the Vermont that we love.

Common sense tells me the wording of the proposed Prop.5/Article 22 to our Vermont Constitution is far too vague — such that it could be spun to endorse whatever sexual trend may be popular at the time. It won’t be the Vermonters who interpret it, it’ll be the lawyers and the courts. This needs a major rewrite — I’ll vote no!

While I have never held a political office, I decided to run as Vermont Rep for Windham-4, because I want to see the House in Montpelier truly represent the people. I feel the actions and opinions currently in our Statehouse are way off balance — and let’s face it, when it’s all one sided and there’s no debate, Vermonters lose the possibility of finding common ground with common sense.