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WILMINGTON — Town Manager Scott Tucker is working remotely from home after testing positive for COVID-19.

“I feel it’s important for the public to understand that we think we are doing enough but it just may not be enough,” he said in an interview Monday.

Tucker believes transmission occurred in the office since another staff member recently tested positive for the coronavirus. He recalled walking through the hall on the way outside or to the copier with no mask on, and he suggested that keeping 6 feet away from someone might not be enough.

Still, Tucker is unsure exactly how he came to be infected.

“It’s hard to say,” he said. “I don’t think there’s an exact way to determine this. I just thought I was doing enough and evidently, I was not.”

Tucker said he’s grateful no one seems to have been infected by him. He described experiencing three days of “really bad congestion.”

“It seems like yesterday and today have been better,” he said, working “in seclusion from home.”

Tucker called the effects of the virus on him “manageable.” He said other people he came into contact with in his office all tested negative after his test — at least six staff members were tested and one was waiting for results.

Town offices have been locked to the public since March after the governor declared a state of emergency. Tucker said department heads can determine whether an in-person appointment is warranted and working remotely is encouraged.

Since March, town staff have had four other confirmed cases. Tucker said one was reported around March, another came approximately within the last month and the other two were just before Christmas.

A contact tracer called Tucker, who said he was advised to wait seven days to get a test after being in contact with someone with a confirmed case.

Tucker said he was tested Wednesday and received the results Sunday.

“They told me they will deem me contagious two days prior to a positive test, which would have been a week ago Monday,” he said, adding that he will no longer be considered contagious 10 days after the test.

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