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BRATTLEBORO — A 22-year-old Springfield woman told police in addition to helping steal money to satisfy her heroin habit, in one of the nine locations she and her boyfriend broke into, she also stole cookies and a jug of milk.

Chelsea Ovaitte was arrested in connection to nine different burglaries of businesses in Westminster and Brattleboro.

Ovaitte accompanied her boyfriend Jacob Mcallister on the burglaries, according to court documents. She described him as the primary burglar.

She often waited in the car while he broke into the businesses. Sometimes she acted as lookout, but when she got scared she'd flee, according to court documents.

Patriot Freightliner, Father's Restaurant, Harlow's Sugar House, Cafe Loco, Harlow Farm Stand, Cambridgeport Country Store, John's Car Corner, D&R and Sons Auto Repair, and Rob's Mobil Station were the businesses Ovaitte said she helped burglarize.

Many of the businesses were broken into through the window, but some, Ovaitte said, had their doors kicked down by Mcallister.

Detective Corporal Brian Berry found Ovaitte while looking for Mcallister, who was caught on camera cashing in a lottery ticket at the Allens Brothers Store. The lottery ticket had been stolen from another store. Berry went to Ovaitte and Mcallister's residence in Springfield.

Only Ovaitte was home. She said that Mcallister might be at his parent's home.

When Berry later checked, he could not find him.

According to court documents, Ovaitte resisted arrest.

She told Berry she needed to put on a bra before going with him, but instead of walking back to her apartment she darted in the other direction.

Berry eventually caught and handcuffed her.

Ovaitte waived her Miranda Rights. Her bail is set at $2,500 and she's set to appear in court on Aug. 15. She faces charges on seven counts of burglary and one count of attempted burglary.

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