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BENNINGTON — A Manchester man is being held without bail after a violent incident at the Wilburton Inn in Manchester on Sunday.

Stuart W. Barrows, 44, was charged with aggravated domestic assault in the first degree and domestic assault. He was arraigned Monday in front of Judge Cortland Corsones at the Bennington Superior Court, Criminal Division, as he awaits a weight of evidence hearing.

On Sunday at about 11:55 p.m., the Manchester Police Department received a phone call from someone associated with the victim, reporting that the victim had called her to say that Barrows was beating and choking her, with the victim audibly gasping for air on the phone.

Police arrived at the Wilburton Inn around midnight and heard the sounds of yelling through an open sliding glass door, followed by the sound of a woman shrieking and what sounded to the officers like a slap. Police entered the residence with weapons drawn to find Barrows naked and appearing to be extremely intoxicated. They immediately cuffed Barrows.

The victim later stated to police that the abuse has been ongoing. She also stated that Barrows has abused her every couple of days, totaling approximately 300 times. She told police she’d received numerous black eyes and bruises in the past.

On the day in question, the victim stated Burrows began arguing with her around 3 p.m. at the Wilburton Inn, where they live and work. They had both been drinking. At some point, the victim made her way back to their apartment and hid in a spare bedroom out of fear for her life.

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Barrows allegedly came home, found her, and picked up the bed she was hiding under, then let it fall back down on her. She made her way to the bathroom to call for help, as Barrows verbally abused her. Barrows then kicked the bathroom door in, slapped her across the face and choked her as she was on the telephone.

At some point, she was able to tell Barrows that the police were coming. Barrows then allegedly choked her again, she stated, to the point she feared she would die, and slapped the phone away from her face. The last thing she remembers is Barrows telling her that if he gets arrested, “I’m going to come back and kill you.”

Since May 2021, Manchester Police have responded to domestic disturbances between Barrows and the victim on three separate occasions. Barrows was not fingerprinted or photographed due to officer safety issues. Barrows stated many times that he wanted to harm one of the police officers who responded.

Barrows faces a penalty if convicted of not more than 15 years in prison or fined not more than $25,000 or both on the aggravated abuse charge, and 18 months and a fine of not more than $5,000 or both on the domestic assault charge.

He is being held at the Marble Valley Correctional Facility without bail until a weight of evidence hearing commences.