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BRATTLEBORO — School is canceled in the entire Windham Southeast School District for Tuesday because of expected freezing cold temps and nursing staff stretched too thin.

The district includes the elementary, middle and high schools, as well as the career center in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford and Putney.

Superintendent Mark Speno made the announcement late in the day Monday via email and social media posts.

“Due to the freezing cold conditions expected throughout the day tomorrow and the fact that many of our schools and nursing departments are over extended with contact tracing, school for tomorrow January 11th in all of our schools will be closed,” Speno said in the statement.

He said staff will “use the day tomorrow to get back on track with the demands of contact tracing due to COVID and schools will be back up and running on Wednesday, January 12th.”

Speno said a separate announcement from the high school will come, pertaining to Tuesday’s extracurricular activities.

Affected schools include the Academy School, Oak Grove School, Green Street School, Brattleboro Area Middle School, Brattleboro Union High School and the Windham Regional Career Center in Brattleboro, and Dummerston School, Guilford Central School, and Putney Central School. Early education services in Brattleboro are also closed for the day.