Our Opinion: Ugly tide of racist propaganda continues to rise

This country waged a civil war over slavery in the mid-19th century. It struggled with the advancement of civil rights for all people, regardless of race and religion, in the 20th century. The …

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Jim Hurt: CO2 reuse is key to negative carbon emissions New chemistry now makes it profitable to convert central power plants that emit carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into negative carbon, power and storage stations that remove CO2 from the air in two stages. …
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Editor of the Reformer, Please get out and vote for the school directors. There are two contested races, one in Brattleboro and one in Putney. There was a forum of the candidates (last week) and … more
Editor of the Reformer, What a wonderful antidote to the daily news — early voting at the Brattleboro town clerk's office. The number of contested races bodes well for the vitality of our … more
Editor of the Reformer, I am a member of the Brattleboro Energy Committee which is concerned with use and conservation of energy and related climate and environmental issues. It is currently … more
Editor of the Reformer, Thank you Brattleboro Community TV for streaming the Select Board candidates forum. It provided me with a fuller picture of where the candidates stand, and has solidified … more
Editor of the Reformer, I, Carl Dunchus, have had Kurt Daims for a landloard for going on four years, and he's one of the better landlords I've had in my time in Vermont. He's always willing to … more
Editor of the Reformer, I write to support David Schoales in his bid for re-election to his three-year seat on the Brattleboro Select Board. David has been on the right side of many important … more
Editor of the Reformer, In the Brattleboro Select Board race I am voting for David Schoales for the three-year seat and Daniel Quipp and Oscar Heller for the two one-year seats. I am doing this … more
Editor of the Reformer, Thank you, Brattleboro! The Harris Hill Ski Jump committee is grateful to all who helped make this year's annual ski jump a great success. The sponsors, donors, volunteers, … more
Editor of the Reformer, I'm writing in support of my neighbor, Oscar Heller, for Select Board. Oscar is a young technology professional — he formerly worked at Mondo Mediaworks, then founded … more
Editor of the Reformer, Impeachment was too painful: a daily reminder that life and love is a lie. When I was 6 years old I fell out of Mr. Jordan's cherry tree, dislocating my shoulder. As I … more

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