Our Opinion: Keep it local this holiday and all year

We would like to offer a tip of the hat to schools, recreation departments and merchants throughout Windham County for staging truly fantastic Halloween celebrations, yet again.Halloween takes on a …

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Letter: Keep Marlboro's 'promise' - in Vermont Editor of the Reformer, I urge the Board of Trustees of Marlboro College to pause in their plan for the college to merge with Emerson. Far from a "merger," the plan looks more like dissolution with a …
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Editor of the Reformer,Something sad is happening in our society and it seems to be magnified in the fishbowl of small town life. We don't talk to each other.Oh, sure, we exchange pleasantries while … more
Editor of the Reformer,I want to thank the group of local residents who have taken part in the recent series on capitalism, presented by Epsilon Spires at the former First Baptist Church. We have … more
Thanks to failed Democrat/Progressive policies of the past, Vermont has an affordable housing crisis and in addition, one in every three Vermont households live in homes that consume an unduly high … more
Last month I attended a packed public meeting after work in Brattleboro hosted by colleagues from Vermont's legislative Climate Caucus.The Brattleboro regional meeting was one in a series of public … more
Already, aging Boomers are a tide about to surge into old folks' paradise palaces like ours. As it is, they stream through now on visits to parents, looking a little gimpy and crinkled, if you please, with grandchildren in tow. OK Boomer, we see you coming. more
Happened again, just the other day. You probably know someone who did it, too. Maybe you even did it, yourself. What? Upended your life, sold the house and almost everything you owned, to move across … more
Many of us spend much of the time spinning our wheels to figure out how to get the most accomplished in the least time, or with very little resources, or with less help than we need. Because of this … more
When I was in my 20s and 30s I knew a fellow who subscribed to Consumer Reports. He was a rather uptight individual who had to do everything by the book, follow all the rules, conform, conform, … more
Editor of the Reformer,With heartfelt thanks to the wonderful support of our community and the generosity of the management at Hannaford's Supermarket: Art Messenger, Dan Bascomb, Dan Blake and Ian … more
Editor of the Reformer,The Windham County NAACP would like to extend its sincere gratitude to our community, far and wide, who attended our first Freedom Fund Dinner. We were humbled by the fact that … more

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