Our Opinion: Schools navigating uncharted territory

The challenges facing educators and parents as they consider what the coming school year will look like during a pandemic are akin to navigating through stormy seas without a compass. Behind them …

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Letter: Racist symbolism behind the Blue Lives Matter flag Editor of the Reformer, At the rally against police brutality on Sunday, May 31, I saw a police officer across the street wearing a face mask with what appeared to be the Blue Lives Matter flag on …
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Cybersecurity best practice for staff working from home It’s called telecommuting. And one study two years ago by a Swiss office service provider found that 70 percent of professionals work away from the office at least one day a …
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Stop testing for COVID-19 and the new case count would rapidly plunge toward zero. President Trump would be jubilant. As he often predicted, someday the virus will vanish. Normal life for Donald … more
This morning I am sitting in a magnificent milkweed patch, my temporary office, watching the monarchs laying eggs and listening to the last-of-July birds — a chipping sparrow and a couple of … more
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Editor of the Reformer, I was surprised and disappointed to hear that a committee of the Rockingham Select Board harshly and unfairly criticized the operation of the Rockingham Recycling Center, … more
"Black Lives Matter." These words continue to evoke anger, hope or indifference depending on your political persuasion. As with so many issues in these polarized times, people at the ends of the … more
Like so many aspects of our lives, the 2020 legislative session in Vermont has been unprecedented. For the first time, lawmakers figured out how to do committee work and hold votes virtually. Instead … more
Editor of the Reformer: Scientists have established that one of the symptoms of this viral infection is anosmia - the loss of the sense of smell. Those so afflicted, can consider themselves lucky … more
Editor of the Reformer: "We are all in this together" is the refrain we hear every day on radio and television, by politicians, journalists and pundits. It is supposed to console as that the … more

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