Our Opinion: Kicking the fossil fuel habit requires a steady strategy

Brattleboro Common Sense is working to wake everyone up about the need to start now, not later, to reduce our carbon footprint and slow, if not stop, the effects of human-caused global warming. Their …

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Maggie Cassidy: Letter from a new land All my adult life I've loved to travel. While most people like to explore new places, I travel not so much to see new sights as to stay with friends, visiting and revisiting the places where they …
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To the Editor.The commentary by Deb Billado in the August 13 Reformer is dangerous and irresponsible because she is the leader of one of our state's major political parties. She defines the two major … more
Editor of the Reformer, Interesting that the Chair of the Vermont GOP has an Op-Ed piece in the Reformer (Deb Billado, Aug. 13) which is essentially all complaining about the media coverage of the … more
Editor of the Reformer,Every time I cross the Citizens Bridge or walk downtown (in Brattleboro), I am cheered. The flowers adorning the town that are are the work of Dick DeGray and Missy Galanes … more
Editor of the Reformer,I'm not sure why there are more people begging in Brattleboro than in comparable other towns. But I know they are not the most serious threat to local retail.Tax-free shopping … more
Editor of the Reformer,Regulations finalized this week by the Trump administration dramatically curb protections offered by the Endangered Species Act — our most effective law to date saving … more
Editor of the Reformer,"Community concerns about a synthetic surface proposed for Natowich Field at Brattleboro Union High School" (Aug. 12) are well founded. Synthetic turf fields are infilled with … more
Editor of the Reformer,The Green Mountain Care Board has just granted double-digit rate increases to Vermont's largest insurance companies. The Board was created to oversee the transition to … more
Editor of the Reformer,Dear Brattleboro, I am writing as a former child of the town, imbued with small town ways and the goodness of the green state. I am writing from San Francisco. I am writing … more
Editor of the Reformer,This year at Town Meeting the Brattleboro representatives voted to fund a staff position to coordinate efforts to make our community more sustainable. Since then, a diverse … more
Editor of the Reformer,I am making comment in reference to the pending case of Sarah Loos who in June 2018 hit and killed two young people. It appears by the Aug. 6 article written by Bob Audette … more

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