Our opinion: The wrong place and the wrong time

Rep. Cynthia Browning of Arlington lost her seat on the Vermont House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday. That came a day after Browning insisted upon a procedural move that resulted in scores of …

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Letter: Appreciation for the lamp-lighters Editor of the Reformer, We are approaching the Jewish Passover and Christian Holy Week, the Muslim time of Ramadan and Baha'i feast of Ridvan — all celebrating the best of who we are in …
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In anticipation of the first week of remote learning, I turned our monthly chalkboard calendar into a daily schedule. I anticipated some hurdles, and the need to tweak the schedule along the way. As … more
My spouse plunked the groceries on the table. As she unpacked the bags, she quietly said to me, "There was no sugar and no flour at the store." She looked defeated and anxious. "I could feel myself … more
Every couple of days I go out to my "personal playground," which is my backyard where I felled a good-sized Ash tree a while back. I've been slowly cutting it up and burning it in my wood stoves as I … more
If you haven't experienced sunset on a steep, west-facing rocky hillside in early spring, come with me. Between 6 and 7 p.m., the low-angled light illuminates the leafless forest in hues of gold and … more
Editor of the Reformer, I am writing to express my concern about illegal wildlife trafficking, and to urge elected officials to pass legislation to stop it. Wildlife trafficking is a commercial … more
Editor of the Reformer, I'm very concerned for the children of those deemed "essential workers" in this state. The primary focus is making sure there is care for the children of these workers, … more
Only a few short weeks ago, none of us could have predicted the impacts to our personal and professional lives that COVID-19 would wreak. During times of crisis or tragedy we are often compelled to … more
The $2.2 trillion federal stimulus bill will keep the wolf from the door for millions of people who can't work and businesses forced to close because of the coronavirus pandemic — at least for … more
I have been the executive director of the Vermont Automobile Dealers Association, more recently known as the Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association (VADA) since 1984. From a change … more
The unprecedented times we now find ourselves in have required everyone to adapt and step-up to new responsibilities. In education, our school leaders and teachers are leading and have received … more

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