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It is a fascinating subject, UFOs. The U.S. Government recently decided to be more open about unidentified flying objects. When military sources are willing to release FLIR imaging video of military sightings of UFOs (yes, it looks grainy) one has to wonder what’s up.

There is a popular UFOlogist on the internet claiming to understand the propulsion system in UFOs. You know, how they take off at incredible speeds, with zig and zag movements that defy physics? Yes, that system is a manipulation of gravity. It theoretically creates waves that allow them to break Newtonian law. Recent sightings have filmed UFOs from deep space entering and exiting the sea and the atmosphere in mere seconds. That would indicate a velocity just short of the speed of light. We don’t have that kind of technology in this world.

The whole approach to the subject of UFOs has taken on a new direction. Proponents of UFO existence are now saying that sightings from credible sources are increasing, and the government is more cooperative about releasing classified UFO intelligence. It’s as if we are being primed for the news that we are not alone. This brings me back to why we need UFOs.

We’ve screwed the world up so much that it could be uninhabitable within decades. UFOs give us hope that some advanced beings probably have the technological advancement to save our sorry hides. Or they could simply eliminate us for being so careless with such a beautiful planet. Either way, there would be a solution.

We need UFOs to feed the non-believers and pundits. Keeping that debate alive is so very human. There are spoilsports everywhere who have an alternative answer for everything. Projecting their negative powers at UFO believers instead of their coworkers in the office could be a benefit to society.

Increased sightings are being taken as proof that contact will soon be made. The aforementioned UFOlogist claims to have gained access to a volume of explosive classified information that he agreed not to release until his source gives the go-ahead. That sounds kind of scammy to me. He could string that tantalizing tidbit out for years, thus extending his media relevance. People have a right to be wary of this stuff because UFOs, rightly or wrongly, live in the same realm as conspiracy theories and Bigfoot. I say, “Where’s the beef?”

Do I buy into the whole UFO thing? No, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. I once thought I spotted a UFO, but it was distant neighbors setting off Chinese lanterns. They were so far away and had attained such an altitude that all you saw was a reddish light minus the flickering effect of the candle propulsion system. I remember mentioning my sighting to my closest neighbor. He seemed open to the possibility of UFOs. A couple days later, I saw a Facebook post from the neighbor who had set off the lanterns, thanking my closest neighbor for giving them the lanterns. We had a pretty good laugh about that one, even if it was at my expense. That story has prompted me to believe that we need UFO sightings. They are just one more tool for having good-natured fun with your neighbors.

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