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Entertainment that is also educational appeals to me. When YouTube first appeared on the scene, I was immediately a fan. It has been interesting to see how this medium has evolved and what it created. For one, it has created overnight sensations. Several YouTube celebrities have attained international fame that translates into millions in earnings.

The medium is an ever-changing offering of content, hence the buzzword. Content. If a Youtuber does not consistently provide riveting content, their channel will ultimately wither on the vine. Viewers are fickle and constantly flit from one YouTube channel to another. It is nothing for a YouTube watcher to binge-watch several years’ worth of a channel’s content in a few hours or days. Those aforementioned millions get earned by the number of subs a channel can garner, meaning subscribers. Here is a listing of channels I have discovered that compelled me to subscribe.

Jimmy’s World: Jimmy is a skinny, rangy character who initially comes off as a complete idiot. Jimmy buys derelict airplanes and gets them running with the ultimate goal of legally flying them. Jimmy has had to walk away from several rescue attempts when he discovers that repair and parts costs are prohibitive, but that is the nature of private aviation. It is not for the weak of heart and shaky of wallet. Jimmy is rumored to have made his money in construction and has fun with his money while spending it on his passion for aviation. So far, I do not think Jimmy is breaking even on his hobby, but the more of us that subscribe to his channel, the greater Jimmy’s chances are of actually making a buck restoring and reselling private aircraft. The more you watch, the more you realize that Jimmy is nobody’s fool. Please note that Jimmy is one of the many YouTubers who have kept their personal information and past somewhat secretive. Why is that?

Vice Grip Garage: Derek Bieri is a dryly funny midwesterner from a farming background who goes around buying truly sketchy cars and trucks and attempts to drive them home. Bieri calls spark plugs sparkolators, carburetors are fuel-make-it-happeners, alternators are lightning whirlers, beers are called cold snacks, etc, etc. His channel is fun and has well over a million subscribers. Derek Bieri has created a fascinating channel and included his wife and sons. His mild-mannered and easy-going persona distracts you from his truly gifted mechanical abilities and resourcefulness for making things work for cheap. This guy is like a lot of us out here and he is easily relatable. He is also a freshly minted millionaire. Ask anyone who watches Vice Grip Garage and they will tell you that Bieri is the real deal and has earned every nickel.

Ana’s Bushcraft: Again, Ana is somewhat enigmatic because there is almost no information out there about who she is. What she is, is a gifted jungle survivalist. Ana can whip up a bamboo living structure in days. Her channel gets millions of views worldwide. Ana does not speak much at all. Most of how her channel works is a learn-by-doing tutorial of survivalism. The program appears to be filmed in Southeast Asia somewhere remote, but it could all be shot in a quiet pocket of nature in an urban area for all we viewers know. Ana’s Bushcraft draws you in immediately, and I think it has to do with the all-action-no-talking format. One is mesmerized by where she is going with that pile of bamboo and a jungle knife. Watch long enough, and you find out.

Thanks to these fascinating YouTube channels, I do not feel like I am wasting time watching them. I am constantly learning. Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame for everyone statement makes more and more sense as time advances. It’s YouTubular for sure.

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