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It was my email that alerted me to an item sitting out in my physical mailbox. That happens a lot these days. A blue box appears on the right-hand side of my screen and without so much as opening my email, there is the message. I pop on a hat, grab a jacket and trudge out to the mailbox. Before I’m there both cats have greeted me. I remove my mail, walk back to the house, and one cat runs ahead while the other follows me. They both come inside and are rewarded with a treat. I open the one piece of mail addressed to me and it is a string winder and cutter. Handy!

For a simple hobby that has no goal but to amuse me, my guitar collecting comes with paraphernalia. So far there are three amplifiers (people collect those as well) a tuner, some neck measuring tools, and now a string winder and cutter for changing out strings. That’s just one little hobby. Then there’s photography.

Starting sometime after 1966 I have enjoyed photography. I had my darkroom set up in an unused closet in our big old 1840s house. It also had an old Collins Ham radio receiver that I loved to mess with belonging to my Dad. The darkroom equipment was a film developing canister and a couple of pieces of glass for making contact prints and several plastic developing trays. I never had the money for a real enlarger. Just those items alone created a bit of clutter. As the years went by I sent my 35mm film out to be developed and concentrated on lenses and accessories for my East German Praktica camera. I spent decades dreaming about acquiring a real Nikon SLR camera and did not do that until I was in my fifties. I have since traded up several times to better models and have tripods, a lightbox, lighting, lenses, etc, etc. More clutter.

Collecting watches piled on the paraphernalia. I ended up getting a wooden toolbox with lots of drawers to store band pins, bands, batteries, tools, and more. I’ve made a hobby of replacing watch batteries for family and friends. I also have numerous watch winders for my automatic watches and a swiveling store display for watches that I have filled to overflowing. I enjoy giving watches to people that tend to match their personalities.

My collection of cars and motorcycles gets more practical as the years pass. If I had to inventory all the tools and parts and accessories that I have accumulated in the past twenty years it would take a long time. It runs from compressors to ramps to jacks to creepers to impact wrenches and on and on. Once I get the madness completely under control and the cars and motorcycles down to a manageable few, I may have a better idea of the paraphernalia inventory.

Boats. I’m down to one boat. I have one set of shelves in the garage with boat stuff on it. The one item sitting in there that I would like to put to use is the electric boat winch. Stuff like the ship-to-shore radio and other ridiculous extravagances need to go. Evidently, I had to go through several boats before I figured out what size boat I wanted and enjoyed. Once I got it down to that it became the perfect backyard lawn ornament. What they say about boats is probably true but I know that I’m hanging on to the one I got and most of the junk that comes with it.

This has been a partial list of all the paraphernalia that I have collected like a magnet attracting iron shavings. It’s unavoidable. I swear, if you buy a wood stove you’re going to end up with a chain saw and a chain sharpener. That’s how paraphernalia works.

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