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If you wanted to pick a digital fight and troll your political rival, Twitter is where you went. I even went viral once, having a tweet I sent to Donald “Twitter Fingers” Trump himself get shared (re-tweeted) over 5,000 times. It produced more death threats than I can count from the MAGA-charged nation; it also got close to 22,000 likes and it all happened in a 24-hour window. The funny thing was, it wasn’t my best work, far from it. Excited to be a newfound internet influencer, I couldn’t wait to put out something better the very next day. My wife and a friend liked it … and just like that, the internet giveth and the internet says, “Who are you?”

I had three accounts, two for special interests and a personal one. I say “had” because honestly, any platform that would have Donald Trump as a member is nothing I’m interested in. Then there is Elon Musk. Let’s face it, he’s reinstating Trump because he is tanking that blue Twitter bird faster than the Titanic sank. He needs more people focused on his newly acquired platform and he doesn’t care who he kills to get there. No, quite seriously, he doesn’t care who dies so he can achieve more wealth. If you stop to think about it, allowing Trump back on to the platform opens the door to more hate speech, bigotry, and racism. So, if you’re Musk, then I would assume you have no problem with any of that. But I do, so I bailed out. If you do, you should do the same. This is the one time that Americans can make a stand against a social media platform in an actionable way. Time to dump Twitter.

You can’t make an excuse, you can’t say you’re only staying to fight, you just need to jump off the platform altogether and never look back. Social media as a whole has been polluting the landscape of this nation (and every other nation for that matter) for some time now. Twitter has had the bigger role, with influencers doing their thing and us being good little sheepie amplifying those messages. It used to be this place where celebrities would spread their garbage. Then it became this place where politicians and special interests began the great dumbing down of American citizens. It’s all garbage; “social media” is truly as far from being “social” as you can get.

Before I deleted all three accounts, I looked at my followers (I only had maybe 500) and maybe I knew 20 percent of them. Before the aforementioned viral post I had 237 “followers,” but because I had this one post that went nuts, close to 250 additional people (none of whom I knew) followed me — maybe 50-60 of them being Trump Trolls just looking for a fight. Oh, for reference, I did notice that each of them had anywhere from 16 to 200 followers. Kind of pathetic if you stop and think about it. Seeking attention from people you don’t know who themselves are being followed by people they don’t know. It’s like walking into a crowded bar screaming at the top of your lungs while pitching an absolute hissy fit and ripping your clothes off, and absolutely nobody notices. That is Twitter in a nutshell.

If that wasn’t enough, and you’re still thinking you’ll wait it out, please keep in mind that Elon also reinstated: Marjorie Taylor Greene, after she spread COVID misinformation; Andrew Tate, who Tweeted “women bear some responsibility” for being sexually assaulted; Babylon Bee after it Tweeted out anti-trans jokes; and Project Veritas for disclosing people’s private information with those whom they disagreed with politically. Musk is saying this is all free speech. Frankly I always find it funny how fascists always steal the word “free.” Elon also Tweeted out (about re-activating Trump’s account) “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” “the voice of the people is the voice of God” (delusional). Before I unloaded the platform from my life, I checked it one last time and saw someone posted a meme that used the Marvel Universe as a way to make a point about Elon. The first caption was a picture of Ironman with the words “Elon last week;” the second was a picture of Thanos snapping his fingers with the words “Elon this week.” My last post to the platform: “They’re both dead.” Dump Twitter.

Peter “Fish” Case is a man with an opinion. He offers up a weekly podcast discussion that can be heard at Questions, compliments and complaints can be sent to him at The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.