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Thank you, Texas, thank you for reminding us just how backwards you are. Thank you for letting us remove any part of your state to vacation or visit. Thank for reminding us that we no longer need to purchase goods or services that are generated from your state. We always knew you were the drunk uncle at the Thanksgiving table, and we always tolerated you because mostly we felt bad for just how ignorant you were. But now, now you’re going to get people hurt, now your GOP has declared homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.” When you get right down to it, how many backward-thinking rednecks will take that as an open license to do or say anything they want to people in the LGBTQ community? If you are in favor of this, you’re damaged, your pile of insecurities so broken that you’ll walk the planet afraid of things you don’t need to be afraid of and not afraid of things that will kill you.

Speaking of the planet, it’s melting. Seriously, if there is one thing I can say for certain it’s this: 50 percent of us are no longer interested in being kind. I was having this conversation with my wife who stated, “When they finally create a lawless society, then they’ll realize what they’ve done, then they’ll be sorry.” I beg to differ, because once they’ve created the lawless society, they’ll run the lawless society feeling as though justice has finally been served. Will it get there? I hope not. I hope I can still trust enough in people that they’ll rise up and do the right thing. But if you’ve been watching any campaigns from Herschel Walker in Georgia to disgraced Missouri Governor Eric Greitens turned Senate candidate calling for the murder of RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), then you can see just how crazy it’s become. This is where we find ourselves in a left to right swirl and we’re heading right into the sewer system.

Is it any wonder we’re in the shape we’re in? Here we are, pounding on each other’s heads not paying attention or, worse yet, paying attention to all the wrong things. Then one day on our little melting planet we find ourselves in bear market territory, with gas prices shooting through the roof, inflation rising, nobody wants to work and we’re running out of baby food! But sure … let’s keep guns! Sure, let’s strip women of the same rights to their body that a man has (the right to make their own decisions based on their own beliefs). Do you think this just happened while Biden was in office? Is that what you really think? Because I’m here to tell you, these are Trump-era policies and these waves are finally hitting the shore. But let’s focus on the man (Biden) falling off his bike. Of course, the internet blew up, of course it did, we’re bottom feeders, we love this sort of stuff. Like when Trump shuffled down that ramp, took a drink of water, and said that in 1775, “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over airports, it did everything it had to do.” It wasn’t funny, it was bizarre, it was a cogitative disconnect. Myself, I’ve fallen off many a bike in my life and laughed it off, but one thing I’ve never done is laughed when a 78-year-old did it. We’ve simply become mean.

Over and over again I’ve said it, we’re distracted, and we don’t have the time to wade into the fight because the fight is long and hard. And, if you’re fighting, and confusing explanations designed to confuse you and break your spirit are thrown at you, you must try and decipher it. But you can’t, because you’ve got to get to work and put in the overtime or close the deal so you can make ends meet. This is our melting America and our melting planet. We’ve seen footage, pictures, and overwhelming evidence that “good guys with guns” were in the Uvalde school minutes after the gunman began opening fire, yet they’re spinning the message saying they couldn’t go in because it was a safety issue. They’re spinning it away from what they should have done and that’s the right thing. But we don’t live in that world any more.

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