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Well, we’ve arrived! This is the year that we look back fondly on the likes of George W. Bush, Michelle Bachman and the sense and sensibility of Sarah Palin. 2021 will prove itself to be that year when we long for days Michelle Bachman would pop off and we could just ignore her. I personally long for the days when Sarah Palin couldn’t answer the simple question about what she read. And of course, Mission Accomplished, ‘nuff said. As this year presses on, we’ll look back at these simpler times and we’ll miss and long for them. Because now, we have Space Lasers! Jewish Liberal Space Lasers setting California on fire. That was actually said out loud by a highly elected official!

When will it stop? How will it stop? Who will stop it? Because it needs to stop! Some rational people need to lead the charge and crush this line of speak. It cannot be allowed to present any faction of our government. Yet it now has a place on the Education Committee. Let’s not even start to mention the other crazies that have entered into our political realm that represent what most don’t want represented. It’s a ground swell, those little wins I keep talking about, where one by one idiots get installed into higher positions of influence. It started with the Tea Party, and now we have headlines that read “QAnon goes to Congress.”

Okay let’s reverse the lens on this for a moment to see how it exactly happened. Let’s dial it back to 2015-2016. There were two clear cut front runners for the Democratic nomination. All the polling showed that Bernie was the people’s choice, leading in head-to-head polls with Trump by double digits — Bernie by 14 points, Hillary by 9 points (just one of the poll samplings). So how did Hillary get elevated to be the Democratic nominee? Shenanigans and games played out by the Democratic National Committee. Those games opened the flood gates for a lot to go wrong, and it did. The Trump and Vlad contingent rose to power. So, we watched passively while this happened until it was far too late to do anything truly actionable about it. Now, we’re doing it again. Only the QAnon Congressteers (think Mouseketeers, only operating with 20 percent of the brain function and more heavily armed) are chasing victims of school shootings down the street proclaiming she’s packing (Marjorie Taylor Greene). Say whatever you want about Hillary and what happened, but both you and I know that would never happen on her watch.

Fast forward to what we have now in the likes of Taylor Greene, which even has the most calculating GOPer Mitch McConnell calling her a cancer. So, what do you do? Between Lucy Laser Beam and Lauren Boebert we can add an asterisk to the hashtag “The Future is Female.” I’ve only covered the crazy female contingent; I don’t have enough words for the likes of Matt Gaetz, who seems to have a little bit of support these days from the aforementioned crazy twins and Josh Hawley, who wasn’t even on the job yet when he goose-stepped into the chemically unbalanced pool. So, that’s four fairly new to brand new Senatorial and Congressional leaders who can slowly bend the narrative. Now, all of a sudden Ted Cruz (who was always an oily snake) seems to have had his battery changed and has bought into the conspiracy that his dad did shoot Kennedy, all while the puppeteer Mitch McConnell pulls the strings guiding the weak and dumb to their demise. Then the rest of the folks with an R in front of their names follow suit, and now you have National Nightmare 2.0.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the cream does not rise to the top in this country. Over and over again we’ve seen it. From The Rent is too Damn High Party to whatever is going on right now! Somewhere we need to pull the plug because even though Jimmy McMillan (Rent Party) didn’t win, he got plenty of attention, and attention creates traction. Now, Boebert, Taylor Greene, Gaetz and Hawley all have a national platform to continue to feed lies to the American people and walk them right off a cliff. It’s time to rise up; don’t knit a hat this time, grab a hammer!

Peter “Fish” Case is a man with an opinion. He offers up a weekly podcast discussion that can be heard at Questions, compliments and complaints can be sent to him at The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.

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