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Frankly I’m shocked that anyone was shocked at the official ruling by our Trump-appointed Supreme Court and the overturning of Roe v. Wade! I am truly surprised that you might have been surprised. After all, this information was leaked out weeks ago, so the fact that the tweets and headline quotes started to light up social media feeds was nothing short of an empty gesture. This war will not be fought with words and quips anymore. Unelected officials saw fit to overturn what every single SCOTUS held up for the past 50 years! This should not be decided by elected officials or judges, this is a decision that sits firmly on the shoulders of the woman that must make this decision. If she wants medical and family opinion, that too is up to her. Well, that is, until last Friday when the ruling was made official in a 6 to 3 vote.

But now is the time for Meme protests and t-shirt sales to show how upset you are! Now is the time to see if a viral hashtag movement will set us free. Now is the time to post a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg or June Osborne (a character from “The Handmaids Tale”) flipping off the decision. All of that is said dripping in sarcasm; none of that works, it might tell people where you stand, but the only thing that will work is standing, people! I’m sorry, but we’ve reached the point where somebody needs to get punched in the face. Civil discourse no more, we need to fight crazy with crazy. I don’t like the thought of it, but we need a real sign of strength here. We don’t need Dems standing on the Capitol steps singing God Bless America no more than the band needed to play while the Titanic sunk. But leave it to the Democrats to bring a singalong to a gunfight.

I’m no longer claiming any party affiliation; it’s pointless, they’re all running into walls and can’t get out of their own way. The Republicans are taking a flame thrower to our rights and Democrats are standing there with third degree burns asking them to stop or they’ll whip out their water pistols! Precedent has now been set to go after more: who you marry, what you do when you’re married. If you think I’m being dramatic, I’m not. Clarence Thomas has already called on the court to overrule the rulings in Griswold v. Connecticut (the right to contraception); Lawrence v. Texas (the right to same-sex intimacy); and Obergefell v. Hodges (the right to same-sex marriage). Yeah, he said it out loud while his wife wore a dead animal pelt, Viking hat and howled at the moon (okay, that last part is my Hollywood adaptation). Oddly, what Thomas is doing is eroding the right for him to be in the marriage he’s in.

Seriously, we need to start swinging for the fences here. Charlie Crist (former Republican Governor of Florida now running as a Democrat) wants to impeach Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh for lying under oath. He called them out by name; this is what needs to happen. Both Pelosi and Schumer lobbed in the accusations without mentioning names (once again, bringing a knife to a gun fight). An angry gas lighting response is what is needed here — something that will put the fear of the people into the hearts of those that voted to overturn. They need to feel the weight of a nation. Their job was to rule with the letter of the law, not with their own personal political beliefs, and when you don’t execute the functions of your job, you get fired!

We need to put the heat on the six that voted to overturn. We need them to be gone, not because of this ruling, mind you (but it’s a good start). We need them to be gone because they are pushing us into a dystopian society with their LIFETIME appointments. We need to trust these people with acting within the legal boundaries, not emotional boundaries, and we can’t do that right now. Because if they can make a ruling like this, they’ll test it again. Let’s not wait, let’s just put the weight of a nation on their shoulders. They’ll either fall back in line, or they’ll get crushed.

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