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In no way do I compare my writing to the literary stature of Emile Zola. However, I believe I can use the title of his essay which he wrote in the defense of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, of the French army, who was accused of the crime of treason which he did not commit. Zola accused the correct perpetrators, the High Command of the French Army, and helped bring them to justice and to re-honor Dreyfus. So it is with saddened heart for my country, that I borrow Zola's essay title, "J'Accuse," to show the malicious, and possibly treasonous, deeds that Donald Trump has done to our nation in his flaunting of the United States Constitution and our laws.

Donald J. Trump, White House occupant, I accuse you of the following crimes and that you:

- Deliberately lied to the American people about the seriousness of coronavirus, although you admitted to Bob Woodward that it was a dangerous virus, and this lie prohibited and delayed crucial research for a vaccine;

- Caused millions of our young people from Kindergarten to Ph.D. candidates to forego their educational experience;

- Deliberately lied to the American people over 20,000 times, as calculated by the Washington Post, a highly reputable newspaper;

- Created orphans at our Southern border by separating children from their families, contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ and of the Old and New Testaments;

- Caused the deaths of almost 200,000 Americans from the coronavirus by denying its existence, and dismissing these death as, "It is what it is.";

- Let millions of American citizens lose their jobs because of no comprehensive plan to salvage our economy;

- Let millions of American small businesses collapse because you did nothing to reinvigorate them;

- Spent many weekends, at our, the taxpayers', expense, golfing when this country floundered in a pandemic, racial confrontation and economic turmoil while you did nothing;

- Continually appeared indifferent at the large number of Americans on the unemployment rolls, while you dined well at the White House;

- Did absolutely nothing to alleviate poverty in this, the so-called richest country in the world, as American children starved;

- Refused to show your tax returns probably because of emoluments, which are illegal;

- Pardoned Roger Stone, who lied, broke the law and was deemed guilty by a jury in a court of law, while you condemned Col. Vindman for telling the truth;

- Appointed several corrupt Cabinet Officials and other personnel, who have been found to have broken the law and have gone to court and/or prison;

- Bragged about your relationships with women thereby eroding the moral character of America's youth;

- Denigrated Gold Star and Purple Heart families to the disgust of the average American;

- Are accused of the rape of a woman in a New York department store, which you may deny, and for which you still may be found guilty, again setting a sickening moral tone for our youth;

- Have withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Accords, thereby permitting pollution and the further destruction of the earth's climate to continue;

- Tried to overturn the EPA regulations for the profit of the fossil fuel industry;

- Enacted a tax cut law that benefits only the rich at the expense of the poor and the middle class;

- That you are on record for discontinuing the tax for Social Security and Medicare thereby eliminating those popular programs and hence throwing millions of Americans into poverty and destitution without income or health insurance;

- Tried to change the US Constitution by your Executive Orders, demonstrating that you have absolutely no knowledge of the law, the Constitution or the functioning of government;

- Threatened to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with no replacement plan, leaving millions of Americans without medical insurance.

I accuse you, Donald J. Trump of these, your transgressions, your crimes, your malicious deeds and things too numerous to list. You are unfit, incapable and unworthy to serve us. Therefore, I urge every American citizen to vote Donald Trump out of the White house in November. His remaining in office would be extraordinarily detrimental to our nation.

Larry Booker, of Pittsford, has been published in several newspapers throughout Vermont. The opinions expressed by columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of the Brattleboro Reformer.


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