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To the editor: Becca Balint will be a Congresswoman Vermonters are proud of. In the cacophony of political ambition for high office it is a rare event when a truly extraordinary person of skill and charisma emerges from the noise. To our good fortune, we have Senator Balint, the President Pro Tem of the State Senate. Her record is more than what she says. It is what she has done. Many voices like hers are advocating for a progressive agenda – but her track record in the legislature stands out from the rest. She is a leader. That achievement requires hard work, learning from mistakes, studying history, and making compromises to get results.

Along the way she developed a moral certainty to guide her while rallying allies to reject discrimination and policies rooted in bias. As Winston Churchill put it, there are some things “up with which you will not put!” This is the essence of Becca. It led our senators to unanimously choose her as their President Pro Tem. It takes certain skills: being knowledgeable about complex issues, making people with whom you have disagreements comfortable in your presence, listening carefully to what they say and crafting a way to work together. Becca is experienced and has the integrity and charisma to do this. She is a leader here, and will be one in Congress.

Kimberly B. Cheney

Vermont attorney general, 1973-1975

Montpelier, June 22