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Editor of the Reformer:

I thought I might have seen the last of classic disinformation screeds when I read the letter to the editor a while back painting Sen. Joseph McCarthy as an American hero. Any intellectually honest reader wants healthy debate on the issues represented in a newspaper's editorial page but the Reformer seems to lack sensible scrutiny and judgment in publishing the commentary that climate skeptics ("Climate skeptics have valid reasons to question manmade warming," Jan. 10) have sound and scientifically defensible evidence to question man-made climate change.

This reeks of the "fair and balanced" warping of the truth we get daily from Fox News.

The simplest search of the authors of the article shows that their anti-environmentalist lobbying cabal, CFACT, has received well over a half million dollars in Exxon contributions consistently since the early 1990s. CFACT members constitute a "who's who of climate change deniers" according to one source. The Reformer saw fit to publish an article filled with pseudo-scientific babble falsehoods about the composition of the atmosphere containing carbon dioxide concentrations and purported "admittances" by the IPCC that their science on the contribution of man-made CO2 to climate change was equivocal. Nothing could be further from the truth and nothing could be so blatant a disinformation campaign by "alternative fact" purveyors like CFACT, the fossil fuel industry, apologists for the truly un-American Joseph McCarty and the like.

I expect more circumspect editorial oversight from the Reformer.

Bill Conley,

Dummerston, Jan. 11