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To the editor: The other day the mail brought my special edition booklet from Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. What a pleasure it was. It was filled with photos of hospital personnel, every one of whom was grinning ear to ear. One can see our hospital overflows with joy and love. Most exciting of all were the two pages filled with snapshots of our new doctors. We got five MDs, two APRNs, two PA-Cs, a PNP, a PHD, an LADC, a CRNA, an AGNP, an FNP-BC and a DMD. I understand we'll soon have a BYOB, a PLTZ, two BRRPs and an LMAO. And that's just in orthopedics which is adding 37 operating rooms for all the knees and hips buckling under extra poundage.

Spoon Agave

Brattleboro, April 4

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