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Editor of the Reformer:

I have followed the proposed sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar ever since its November, 2016 announcement. I have attended public meetings, spoken with NorthStar CEO Scott State and witnessed him take questions from public audiences on several occasions. Throughout this entire process, I'm continually impressed by NorthStar's open and transparent discussion with State lawmakers, public intervenors and interested Vermonters regarding the sale of Vermont Yankee.

NorthStar is a company with great professional expertise and their resume proves that NorthStar is up to the task. The company has been a part of more than 1,000 decommissioning projects, including several nuclear facilities and many large power generating stations. NorthStar's decommissioning standards for site restoration exceed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's standards and meet the State of Vermont's requirements. The fact that all but one intervenor agreed to NorthStar's final proposal demonstrates widespread acceptance among the State of Vermont and Windham County organizations.

I'm hopeful that the Vermont Public Utility Commission will recognize these benefits when making its final decision and approve the sale to deliver the project's economic and environmental benefits decades ahead of the alternative.

We encourage all those interested to attend a Public Utility Commission meeting in Brattleboro on April 12, 2018.

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Brad Ferland, President

Vermont Energy Partnership