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To the editor: Brattleboro businesses and residents must be so proud. The Select Board became the first in the state to reimpose the mask mandate. I can only assume that all the businesses are celebrating this fine example of leadership as I don’t hear or see any pushback.

The online shopping sites, USPS, UPS, adjoining states, and outlying towns with common sense will all benefit from this fear mongering.

This is never, never, never going to end. New variants, new viruses or funguses, or parasites will magically emerge. More and stricter measures will be recommended. Information will be censured. Drug companies will roll out new meds subsidized by your tax dollars and they will make trillions of dollars. Meanwhile, downtowns will wither and die, homelessness, mental health issues and crime will increase. It’s already happening.

In the most vaccinated state in the country with very low death rate why would we take the step of instituting a mask mandate? It is virtue signaling at its finest. Look at us, how enlightened, how caring, how responsible. In reality the mandate is a wielding of power and an exercise in control.

So welcome to a brave new world where big brother controls your health care decisions, your ability to move about freely, your speech, your personal interactions, your business model, and your vision of the future. And you are silent. I just don’t understand.

Toni Powling

Newfane, Nov. 26