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To the editor: People had better wake up and speak up or we will all be living in a country we don’t recognize and we don’t want that. Whether or not you believe the COVID-19 virus is a deadly pandemic or not, there are some things that we all should consider. How was it possible to predict that it would happen when it did? How was it possible to create a vaccine so quickly? What was the benefit to locking us down for months? Why now, after so many are vaccinated, must we wear masks? How many boosters will we need? Why is herd immunity ignored? Most importantly, follow the money. There are people making billions of dollars from this pandemic.

They say, follow the science. If you do that you will realize masks are about the dumbest thing you could use. They serve no purpose except to give some people a false sense of safety. Of course, an internet search won’t tell you this until about six pages into the search and there is a disclaimer that “some results have been removed.” Common sense will tell you they are useless. Put one on, go outside on a cold day, exhale.

Consider this, you are going to enter a restaurant, you take your mask out of your pocket where you put it after you left the grocery store (how many products did you touch?) You are touching both sides of the mask. You put it on, grab the handle of the door and walk in. You sit down, take off your mask and return it to your pocket, grab the menu which has been handled numerous times that day, add your germs to the mix and proceed to order. You use utensils, napkins, condiments, and cups or glasses that were handled by another person (or two or three). This is only one example of daily scenarios in our lives.

Bottom line is this, you trust masks? Great, you have the right as a free human being to wear one. But no one should mandate that another wear one. That robs those people of their rights as a free human being. And, it is an exercise in futility.

Lorraine Westcott

Newfane, Nov. 26