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To the Editor: In congratulations for reporter Bob Audette's excellent reporting of the kerfuffle between the town of Chesterfield and Joy LLC ‘s admitted failure to follow the rules ("Spofford Lake property owner presents 'olive branch' to town," Oct. 12), I offer the following assessment. Joy LLC, apparently admitting it did not follow the rules, comes on bended knee asking for a change of the rules ex post facto, calling it a compromise. To see this for what it surely appears to be, allow me to state in very clear language what has transpired. Joy LLC applied for and received a permit from Department of Environmental Services for permission to add 504 square feet of pavers to their non-conforming lot. The permit from DES clearly required the applicants to obtain permission from Chesterfield before starting work. Joy LLC didn’t do that but they did add 3,200 square feet to the job. Joy now wants to make this an argument over whether the town has the right to make their own rules because they, Joy, do not like Chesterfield’s rules. Rules that the town of Chesterfield put in place by a vote of the citizens years ago. Even as the State of New Hampshire required Joy to follow Chesterfield’s rules, they now want you to believe that there are conflicting rules which has the ring of alternative facts. The only real issue is, did Joy LLC follow the requirements in their permit from the state ? The answer is, no, they did not. As the state of New Hampshire gives local municipalities the sovereign right to have building requirements more stringent than the state’s the only issue is: Must the requirements in a state issued building permit be followed? Or can an applicant do what they damn well please and file law suits when they don’t get their way. That appears perhaps now to have been the game plan.

Richard Damon Aldrich

Chesterfield, N.H., Oct. 14