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To the editor: On Friday, June 4, two Azerbaijani journalists, Siraj Abishov and Maharram Ibrahimov, and a municipal government official, Arif Aliyev, were killed in an Armenian-placed landmine blast in recently liberated Kalbajar district of Azerbaijan, which was illegally occupied by Armenia from 1993 to 2020.

Furthermore, it is important to note that upon the withdrawal of Armenian army from the occupied Kalbajar district in November 2020 in accordance with the provisions of the ceasefire agreement signed on November 9, Armenia systematically destroyed civilian infrastructure by burning houses, cutting trees, knocking down power lines, killing livestock they could not take with them and planting landmines in order to inflict as much damage as possible to the Azerbaijani servicemen and civilians returning to their homes after a three-decade exile.


Ramil Maharramov

Amherst, Mass., June 6