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To the editor: As high school vandalism, fights, and weapons make front page news, I hope we can acknowledge that bad things sometimes happen in good schools because teenagers are very prone to making mistakes.

From what I know about these incidents, adults became quickly involved and implicated students are being addressed with the appropriate professionals. Ultimately, I believe staff do care about everyone's safety while working within the confines of policy, law, and our mental health system.

Raising teenagers is not for the faint of heart and these incidents are not unusual for Brattleboro Union High School or any high school. I've put two daughters successfully through BUHS since 2010, all the while helping them navigate through hallway fights, drug/alcohol availability, bomb scares, peer deaths and more.

Sending your child to any high school, even the good ones, will expose them to the diverse, impulsive and sometimes dangerous behaviors of teenagers. Let's not let these incidents override the wealth of academic, athletic and social accomplishments happening at BUHS.

Lisa Ford

Parent and BUHS Leadership Council Member

Brattleboro, Oct. 7