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To the editor: The Vermont Law permitting "no cause" evictions is effective for landlords and not so bad for tenants. Essentially, the law allows termination of leases without cause if notice is given.

Landlords may have a variety of reasons for the termination such as the tenant may be loud, a hoarder, a drug dealer, or, the landlord may want to remodel the facility. This process avoids lengthy and expensive litigation with no end date.

The tenant would be given notice of a definite date to vacate, would avoid the expensive and protracted litigation and would leave with his or her credit record preserved because there would be no derogatory comments from the landlord.

The proposed ban on this law is bad for both parties and is an example of the Landlord-Tenant Pendulum swinging way too far toward tenant rights. One must remember that landlords are running a business and they cannot afford chronic disruptions of rental income and still provide the essential life safety and other amenities that good tenants have grown to expect and enjoy.

Hugh W. Barber

Brattleboro, Jan. 19