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To the editor: Vermont is at a moment right now where we could make a huge difference in affordable housing and homelessness. Both our Vermont Senate and House of Representatives thankfully have committed some funds, but the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) enables us to take BIG BOLD action.

Governor Scott has proposed adding $147 million of one-time ARPA funds towards building and rehabbing more brick-and-mortar units of affordable housing by Fiscal Year 24. These funds need to be committed NOW to begin the construction process, which will take several years to complete.

Also we need a plan with adequate funding that will create a safer, more supportive transition for hundreds of Vermonters who will be moving from motels beginning July 1. Again, the Governor has proposed using ARPA money ($90 million) to rapidly rehouse the homeless.

Please join me in calling and emailing our legislators urging them to support the Governor’s proposals and amend the budget before the legislative session ends in 10 days!

Fred Breunig

Brattleboro, May 10