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To the editor: For years there have been many attempts to create change or more opportunities for the children of Windham. This year is again one of those years. As the town is divided and heated discussions take place some town residents who opt for change are bullied by town representatives like Howard Ires (a sitting member on the West River School Board as the Windham representative) sending emails to the community such as this:

“Dear Frank and all you other anti-school people,

I can't make the meeting tomorrow due to work obligations, but here is what I would say if I was there:

You have school choice. We all know what you are trying to do with your smear campaign of misinformation. If you want to send your kids or grandkids to another school - reach into your pockets and pay the damned tuition instead of wasting your energy on this vile campaign to close our town school so you can send your kids to private schools on the town's dime. You are a disgrace to our town, which has always been known as a place that supports its school, and I'm sure that after this vote we will still be known as such.

-- Howard Ires”

Is this person a good choice to make decisions for our children and our community? Is this the right kind of inclusion and equity that we want to teach?

Erin Kehoe

Windham, Sept. 2