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Editor of the Reformer,

Greetings, my name is Ryan Coyne and I am running for state representative as an independent from Rockingham. As I wrote in my recent letter to the editor a few weeks back I mentioned that I was running because I have seen certain small businesses come and go in Bellows Falls and other areas of Vermont as well in the past few decades. One other reason however, among quite a few, that I wanted to run was because I know here in Vermont, Vermonters are proud to take care of the environment, something I think everyone could agree is a good thing for our state to be.

I know now from national research we are spoken highly of for clean air, energy efficiency, and ranked well by the U.S. Green Building Council certification program compared to others, which I think says a whole lot about our communities across this beautiful state. Interestingly I have found that around three out of 10 Vermonters get their drinking water from private wells, which I think is just really cool.

I believe one of the best environmental policies passed here in recent memory is Act 66; evaluating contaminants in Vermont's schools and child care facilities is something I would absolutely continue to support if I were to be elected. Interestingly to me, according to an article by April Barton from the Burlington Free Press, she found that as of January 2020, 25 percent of those schools and child care facilities were tested. She also found that around 79 percent of those locations showed at least one tap testing in a range that could be potentially unhealthy drinking water for the children in those schools and facilities.

One other item I am aware of in relation to our beautiful environment in Vermont is of course the many wildlife accidents on our roads. I will go out on a limb and guess, if you even happen to be reading this article and reside in Vermont you have probably hit an animal on the road or at least know someone who has. I have traveled extensively through Western Canada and one thing I noticed was the beautiful, fantastic wildlife bridges all over the place. I think wildlife bridges or tunnels may be the right fit for Vermont in our highly trafficked wildlife crossing areas. If it is something that could potentially save the life of both a driver and animals, then I think something like that is worth having to make our roads just a little bit safer out here.

I am someone who has traveled quite a bit around the country and as far as the environment goes, I will say I certainly am always grateful to be here. It is great to be living in Vermont, unmatched in beauty with green mountains and our four fantastic seasons. Thank you to the reader for your listening time and thank you again to the Brattleboro Reformer for doing a great job always keeping our communities up to date and well informed!

Ryan Coyne

Bellows Falls, Aug. 28


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