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Editor of the Reformer,

Back when Don Trump was running for the White House I wrote a limerick:

If a candidate jumps on a stump

And begins to dump and to pump

If his hair is a lump

As he bumps and he grumps

Then that chump has got to be Trump

The guy is a nobody, a cipher who has some barker skills that would have made him money ripping off sick people selling snake oil on the frontier. Don't get me wrong — he represents something that is scary and real. But we need to stop streaming the Trump minstrel show. It is a fake and he is a fake.

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Remember in the musical "Chicago" when they say, "There is no such thing as bad publicity"? This is the sick soul of the traveling Trump medicine show. A daily elixir of trash talk, put downs and insults — all fueled by a wounded and deficient ego.

One thing we know about this charlatan: Anything he accuses others of is a crime or sin that he is guilty of tenfold. The news media is "fake" and an "enemy" because Trump is a fake leader and an enemy of democracy. He calls his opponents "little" and "crazy" because he himself is of little mind and spirit — and crazier than a coot. He was given starter cash as a child to cheat sub-contractors, sue and scheme for his own benefit. He is adept at throwing away anyone who speaks the truth or fails to lick his shoe.

Now, let's get back to "scary and real" Everything Don Trump is doing with public policy is serving the once grand Republic Party's agenda of undermining essential environmental initiatives, gutting access to health care, poking holes in a reasonable and moral social safety net, and downsizing government agencies that insure a level playing field for consumers and smaller companies seeking to compete and innovate. Fear of fellow Americans is used, fear of the desperate, and fear of the immigrant. Race baiting, red baiting, faith baiting — there ain't no bottom low enough for this strategy.

Don Trump is a paperboard distraction covered in glitter and glue that sucks up the media's attention while big business goes on "as usual" in cahoots with the Republic Party. All that malarkey spewed by Don Trump's defenders about the Constitution and the presidency was simple protection of their own self-interested money and power. Too bad the moral voices in the Republican (sic) Party are so few and far between that they have no influence.

The Democratic Party can unify behind a candidate who thinks, feels, imagines and leads toward an America that is actually true to the values of opportunity and equal justice. In terms of debating with — or of "taking on" — Trump this Democratic candidate needs to say one thing repeatedly, "You are an idiot, a fake and danger to our nation. You have failed to lead us, you only divide us for the self interest of the well-to-do."

Andy Davis

Brattleboro, Feb. 10