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To the Editor: I am surprised that you printed the opinion letter from Frank Mazur on Friday ("The division continues ... getting wider"). He begins with a criticism of the current President based on “alternate facts” in a number or easily-checked categories, then turns to his main topic criticizing efforts to counter the influence of “white racism” (his words) by making Juneteenth a national holiday. Frank, this is not a case of “reframing black history,” but of recognizing actual Black history as part of our history. Like so many Americans, I was taught a partial and at times falsely heroic version of history in grade school; it did not hurt me to learn more as I grew older, and only helps our country heal and thrive if we all accept the good and the bad in our shared history and try to do better in future.

Frank writes from South Burlington, where he is an ex-State Representative. Dear Editor, let’s follow the lead of his own constituents and not elect to support his thinly disguised efforts to turn Vermonters against Black families making their homes and livings here and throughout our diverse country, using un-truths intended to scare us into believing a false version of current and past events.

Gerald Hiam

Putney, July 16