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To the editor: In his letter ("Don't provide a megaphone for lies and misinformation," May 27), Mr. Schmotzer requested the Brattleboro Reformer "refrain from printing fallacy and misinformation in this paper" and ended his letter saying that if they don't he'll stop buying it. Wow, what I read is -- silence those who don't agree with me or I'll stop buying the paper so I don't have to see, hear or acknowledge other views. He specifically singles out letters to the editor and not the reported news.

I hereby respectfully suggest that the Reformer not entertain his request. At least for now we have freedom of speech and we are fortunate to be able to exercise that right on the opinion page of most newspapers. These are opinions and we all have them. The letters to the editor provide a modern day version of the Liberty Tree where people gathered to discuss (and yes, argue) the issues of the day.

These very conversations have the potential to build bridges between opposing views. Why would we silence them? Most of the letters to the editor do not reflect my own opinions and as Mr. Schmotzer says, are often filled with untruth, half truth, slanted views, etc. I can do my homework, research the information provided and form my own position on the subject.

I am quite certain that nobody, of any political persuasion, would want their opinions censored every time someone else didn't like them.

Cristine A. White

West Dummerston, May 27