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Editor of the Reformer:

First things first, I want to thank you for being the "country doctor" that you are. And sheriff (while fulfilling the duties of high bailiff).

Many years ago — reluctant was I, at first of you not being the doctor of the times — yet you settled right in. Want to remind and share my first experience with you to all, of this new blue-jeaned young whippersnapper of a doctor with no shiny round mirror strapped to his head (far from the norm).

Came to your office on Route 30 for a physical (thank God I was young enough to not warrant a prostate exam). I was asked for a urine sample, in the bathroom I went, cup in hand. Well the seat cover would not stay in the vertical position, and holding the cup among other things and my knee holding the seat cover, being very close to calling the nurse for assistance — I made out well. As I have thereafter, being your patient. Just one of the memories that you have supplied for a lot of us over the years.

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So, again, thanks a lot from a lot of us and wishing you many more good times and memories ahead.

Bill Morse,

Newfane, March 2