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To the editor: I write this letter to endorse former Windham 4 House Representative Nader Hashim for one of our two Windham County Senate seats. When Hashim served in the House he got important legislation passed as a first term legislator. Hashim was instrumental in developing and getting passed the Fair and Impartial Policing Policy regarding Immigration & Customs Enforcement and migrants. His ability to get significant legislation passed during his first term is only one example of his ability to make positive change.

Hashim is also a vice-president of the Windham NAACP and leader of the Bright Leadership Institute. He is a person who cares deeply about our community, and who will work hard to make a better, more just Vermont. Since the moment he moved to Vermont after graduating from Clark University over a decade ago, he has always served our community and demonstrated dedication to his neighbors and community members.

As a former state trooper, Hashim brings a unique mix of experiences and insights. He worked to reform policing from within as an officer, and later worked to make change legislatively. His experiences in law enforcement have exposed him to the many different struggles that Vermonters face in our local communities; he has taken this knowledge and created demonstrable change that supports our most disenfranchised neighbors.

Our county and our state will be well served with Hashim as one of our new Senators. I strongly encourage the people of Windham County to cast one of their votes for Nader Hashim for State Senate on August 9 in the primary election, and November 8 in the general election.


State Rep. Michelle Bos-Lun

Windham 4, May 4