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Fauci presides over an absolute reign of terror

To the editor: Thank you, Reformer, for the three letters (on the local mask mandate) that you published on Nov. 30.

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I think that anyone who has adhered to all the rules and worn masks and social distanced for the better part of two years has probably cultivated a naive immune system. I’d love to hear an immunologist weigh in on that.

I also think that forcing kids to wear masks all day in school is pure child abuse. Especially when they are forced to wear them outside, on the playground, while exercising, or engaging in sports. Fresh air and sunshine are two of the best disinfectants that there are. The fact that Anthony Fauci has made people afraid of fresh air speaks to the very twisted nature of that man — exposed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in all his questionable-science embracing, toxic drug approving, tyrannical and vindictive glory in the book “The Real Anthony Fauci.” Fauci pretends to be interested in public health. He is not. Kennedy paints a picture of a man interested only in his own enrichment, that of his friends and cronies, and Big Pharma. He has a history of latching onto bad science and, once he does so, defending it forever. He has destroyed scientists who question his scientific viewpoint. He presides over an absolute reign of terror in the medical and scientific world, where he makes and breaks researchers and labs via his tremendous funding power.

Jacqueline Brook

Putney, Dec. 2