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Editor of the Reformer:

The error in the State of Vermont's insistence that NorthStar conform to "residential standards" in decommissioning Vermont Yankee is thinking that someone would want to build homes adjacent to a spent fuel pad ("Changes could endanger Vermont Yankee sale," Oct. 18), a very large electrical switch yard and a hydro electric plant.

The state needs to consider what potential buyers are going to look for on the declaration page, a one-page sheet that discloses the relevant information about a property, such as acreage, square footage and taxes. While the close proximity to the elementary school and riverside views may catch a potential buyer's attention, one would balk at a security-patrolled facility guarding Vermont Yankee's dry storage casks filled with spent nuclear fuel.

There are multiple areas to build neighborhoods in Vernon, but only one location best suited to host another large industry. Vernon and Windham County need a major employer more than new residential subdivisions. After all, who's going to move here unless there are good jobs to support them and their families?

By trying to impose unrealistic standards on Vermont Yankee decommissioning and site restoration, the State could very well force NorthStar to give up their plan to decommission Vermont Yankee by 2030, leaving the plant to sit for another 60 years. This decision will only make Vernon suffer and reinforce Vermont's image as a bad place to do business.

Bob Leach,

Brattleboro, Nov. 1