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Editor of the Reformer:

Some four years ago after the election I wrote a letter to the Reformer in which I referred to Donald Trump as "the last honest man standing." I'm pretty sure that a lot of people who know me thought I'd come unglued.

Now it's time for a mea culpa. My reference was by comparison to Hilary Clinton, a political chameleon whose politics seemed to be continually focus group driven, and with the multiplier effect of a tone deaf Democratic establishment, she muscled Bernie Sanders aside making way for the greatest upset in the history of American politics, and tanked the Democratic party while she was at it.

This was a political tragedy for which we're still paying the price because Bernie Sanders was the viable political alternative for tens of millions of the politically, culturally and economically disenfranchised Americans who checked the box for Donald Trump instead. This was an opportunity squandered.

Well four years later I still think Donald Trump is an honest man. Then as now all you had to do was to listen to what he was saying, because he said it just as plainly as Adolph Hitler did in his political manifesto "Mein Kampf". Trump was a fascist from the git' go and told us he was, and we can all be thankful that he finally and unequivocally outed himself at the very end of his presidency.

So we've come full circle. Now it's Trump who's come unglued and he has destroyed the credibility of the Republican Party. And in the hugest irony imaginable it is now up to the the ultimate establishment Democrat Joe Biden to put it all back together again.

David M. Clark

Westminster, Jan. 8


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