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To the editor: I find it very interesting and disturbing that my private property is not really that private at all and public land is not as quite as safe as I thought it was.

Did you know that a “hunter” that uses hounds to track and kill wildlife has no control over their dogs and where they can go? They release packs of dogs onto both publicly owned and privately owned land, unsupervised and without restraint, to chase whatever targets the dogs fixate upon. There is no oversight and insufficient laws regulating this reckless activity.

Did you know there is a protocol to posting your land that requires you to register with the town and pay a nominal fee? If not, your signs may not meet the letter of the law and you are thus prevented from any legal action? And, who has the time during the week to do this?

Did you know that trappers may set their traps on public lands, land that is open to everyone for outdoor activities?

I think these laws that allow this are a threat to the safety to Vermont landowners, recreationists, and pets. When I have brought this up with friends, I am told it is “accepted heritage, tradition and is the norm in Vermont.” There seems to be an acceptance of this “heritage” as more valuable than our rights and privacy. I believe it is a fallacy to say that the norm of the past should be the norm of today. There should always be a prospect for change.

It is time for us to stand up for our rights. I am contacting my legislators. Will you please join me?

Dean Percival

New Haven, Jan. 3