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Editor of the Reformer,

I have been reading and responding to John McClaughry's commentaries on global warming in the Reformer for years. His recent "Crunch time for the Global Warming Solutions Act" is typical. In all these years, I cannot recall him offering a single positive contribution to address climate change.

Rather than simply oppose any and all legislative and policy actions, I would suggest that he propose some meaningful alternatives that would contribute to the global effort required to forestall the worst of the worst consequences that are already wreaking havoc on the planet. But I would not expect anyone from the Ethan Allen Institute to face up to the reality of climate change, because the actions required are collective and thereby at odds with the worldview of the Institute and their mission: "Our mission is to cultivate peace and prosperity by promoting policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited, constitutional government, and individual liberty."

Well, peace and prosperity for whom? Under-restrained industrial growth economics has functioned very well, as designed, to funnel more and more wealth into fewer and fewer individuals' hands, at the expense of the natural systems upon which all of our lives and the lives of all creatures collectively depend. Fortunately people are wising up and working together for solutions that benefit both people and planet. Never mind the obfuscation and fear tactics of the old guard.

Charles A Laurel

East Dummerston, Sept. 9


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